Hi. We do Construction Management. We do other stuff too.

Land Planning

Understanding the highest and best use of property is vital to success. Each property is unique and presents certain challenges with respect to the desired use. We utilize our knowledge and experience along with sound advice from our colleagues to assist in the land planning process.

Due Diligence

Does a deal seem too good to be true? Are you scratching your head wondering why this deal is still available? Are you wondering why the proforma looks this good?  We have two words for you: "Buyer beware". Then we have two more words for you: "Hire us." 


Prior to establishing Strong Rock Development Company, Josh spent 8 years practicing Civil Engineering during which entitlement was a major part of his scope of practice. From initial scoping meetings to showdowns with Town Council, Josh learned the subtleties of working through Municipal, County, and State approvals.

Construction Management

We wear many hats and do a lot of things: Construction budgets, construction contracts, construction schedules, routine site visits, pay application reviews, dry utility coordination, municipal interaction, client representation, construction progress reporting, and all around project point of contact. Dan heads up the CM department and keeps our projects running smoothly.

Aerial Photography

In the fall of 2016, we started utilizing DJI Phantom 4 drones for site inspections, and client reporting. As our client base grew, we found that our piloting ability and video reporting had become a valuable tool for our clients and their investment teams. As a result, we began to offer aerial photo and video services. Mr. Moorman heads up our Aerial Photography division.


Owner and/or Lender representation is a natural fit due to our extensive Construction Management Experience. From routine monitoring to detailed project cost and schedule analysis, we can assist with any facet of a construction project. Thanks to Julie, we can travel to most jobsites with very little notice.

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